Water Quality Fee a must to start fixing Lexington neglected waterways.



Please make contact with your council person to support the Water Quality Fee up for a vote by LFUCG council this Thursday. What we have heard from people who have spent decades on this issue is that, while not perfect, this fee is a good faith start toward addressing a long-neglected problem. Hats off to the many at LFUCG who have worked very hard with little time and scant resources to get this going. We would encourage everyone to take the perspective of this being a work in progress that will need continuous citizen input. There is money in the proposed scope of work that will be dedicated to greenways, so this gets us started in a positive direction. It is our hope that what began as a response to an EPA lawsuit will develop into a long term effort to redefine Lexington’s relationship with our urban waterways. More about that later.


Van Meter Pettit, AIA
Town Branch Trail, Inc.