We are a non-profit!

• We are a non-profit!

Town Branch Trail, Inc., a new non-profit organization, has been granted tax-exempt status by the IRS under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code. Current officers of Town Branch Trail, Inc. are Van Meter Pettit, President, and Zina Merkin, Vice President. Members of the Board of Directors are Phil Holoubek, Yvette Hurt, Boyd Shearer and Krista Schneider.

Town Branch Trail, Inc. is a spin-off from Friends of the Parks of Fayette County, Inc. Town Branch Trail’s mission is to assist, organize and promote development of a proposed system of recreational trails and greenspace along or connecting to the Town Branch of Elkhorn Creek. Town Branch Trail is envisioned to become a major component of the city/county greenway system, and will link historical and recreational resources from downtown and the western side of the city and county, for the benefit of local residents and visitors alike. The organization is actively researching, planning and promoting this project, and welcomes all citizen involvement and participation. Contact Zina Merkin or Van Meter Pettit for more information.