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What is the relationship between cities and water? The Town Branch Fork of the Elkhorn River was critical to the development of Lexington as it provided a source of freshwater for colonial settlers. But where has the water gone? As the city grew, the city’s relationship with Town Branch changed, which resulted in the burying of the river. These podcasts investigate the changing connection between Lexington and its water source over time.


Branch: Much like a tree branch extends off the trunk of a tree, a river branch splits off of a larger river. Town Branch splits off the South Elkhorn Creek, which is a branch off the Kentucky River. Watershed: An area defined by a ridge or other land topography that determines where water flows. They can also be understood as collection basins where water flows into a water body or outlet. Hydrogeology: Area of study within geology dealing specifically with the ways in which water moves through the Earth’s crust. Groundwater: Water stored beneath the Earth’s surface in cracks and spaces of soil, sand and rock. It moves slowly through geologic formations called aquifers, which are underground lakes.

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