Town Branch Trail

Imagine a pedestrian trail that connects downtown Lexington with the Bluegrass countryside. A trail that takes you from the urban core into Kentucky's cherished agricultural landscape. You will visit limestone springs, early distilleries, and discover Lexington's historic waterway, Town Branch of the Elkhorn.

Town Branch Trail Plan Draft
Plan for Central Sections of TBT
2014, 5 Megabyte PDF

If Town Branch Trail and the Legacy Trail were completed, who would live within a 15-minute walk of completed trail?
The Time is NOW! Make your voice heard!
POSTED: 13 Mar 2014 at 1:10pm
Lexington needs the Transportation Cabinet to help extend Town Branch Trail to connect with McConnell Springs and Downtown. Read additional information about this proposal. Please write a letter of support to Governor Steve Beshear! Here are copies you can use: Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word DOC The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KTC) is in the final plan...

Town Branch Trail, Connecting City & Country

Watch our 7-minute video introduction to Town Branch Trail.

Phase III

In December 2010, we had a public meeting to review plans for Phase III, which would connect the current terminus on Alexandria Road with Downtown Lexington. That plan could be downloaded and reviewed here. We welcome all comments and suggestions. You can contact us through our Facebook page or through our contact form.

Our Project and Organization

Town Branch Trail (TBT) is a proposed ‘shared-use’ greenway trail (paved route for pedestrians and bicyclists) that will connect Downtown Lexington with its world-famous equine landscape via area neighborhoods, parks, and historic sites as it follows the westward course of Lexington’s historic waterway, the Town Branch of Elkhorn Creek along whose banks Lexington was founded in 1779. The trail is a significant component of Lexington’s Greenway Masterplan, Downtown Masterplan, Downtown Streetscape Plan, and Newtown Pike Extension. TBT seeks to transform neglected or underutilized urban areas along our historic creek into a landscape trail that will serve among other things: recreation, commuting, the environment, tourism, and economic development.

Since 2001, Town Branch Trail, Inc., a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, has been advocating for this trail project, writing grants, and working to raise consensus within the community. In conjunction with LFUCG, TBT, Inc. has raised over $1 million in trail funds, $1 million in land donations, and has three miles of trail in design and construction. Currently we are partnering with the Manchester Development Company to create miles of trail through Lexington’s historic Bourbon Distillery District via TIF financing. We are also working with RJ Corman Railroad Group to pursue opportunities to build trails along rail lines that run through some of the prettiest land in the Bluegrass. We are also producing educational materials for our regional middle school classrooms to raise awareness of our rich history and our connection to our watershed. We are sustained by tax-deductible contributions. TBT, Inc. is managed by a board of directors and elected officers.

Phase I & II

Two miles of the trail are completed and operated as a city park.

View a map of the trail, and by all means please visit!

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