Barrel House Distilling Company supports Town Branch Trail

A New Craft Distillery started in the old Pepper Distillery along the Town Branch Creek is supporting Town Branch Trail with a portion of its proceeds. We are thrilled to have their help and wish them the best at reinvigorating the distilling industry in Fayette County. Check out a great article in the Herald-Leader:

Here’s their website:

Here’s their story:

Barrel House Distilling Company, Lexington’s new Craft Distiller, is owned and operated by Frank Marino, Jeff Wiseman, and Pete Wright. We started work on the project during the winter of 2007, and are about to release our inaugural product – a premium vodka, Pure Blue, Which is the first Vodka made in Lexington. Our micro distillery is located in the Barreling House on the old Pepper Distillery in historic Lexington, Kentucky. We are the first tenant in this zone of the development. As native Lexingtonians and Bourbon lovers, we strive to continue the tradition of Pepper Distillery in producing fine spirits.

What We Produce

Barrel House Distillery currently is producing four spirits: Pure Blue Vodka TM, Kentucky River Rum TM, Woodshed Whisky TM, and Barrel House Bourbon TM. Our goal is to create beverages which stimulate the senses, and help others enjoy our passion as much as we do.

Barrel House Distilling Company supports the revitalization of the Lexington Distillery District and the development of the Town Branch Trail. These projects bring Lexington back to its roots – when the Town Branch of the Elkhorn Creek played a vital role in the growth of Lexington, while supplying water for the local bourbon distilleries.

Given this heritage, we are proud to announce that a portion of the proceeds of each bottle of distilled spirits we sell will go to the Town Branch Trail project. For more information, please visit: